Thursday, April 28, 2011

Get Google First Page Results

Do you usually get Google first page results? This Blog is totally dedicated to teaching you the tips, tricks and techniques that boost your Google rankings. Are you ready to take a quantum leap up the search results? There are many tried, tested and true ways to take you there...quickly, efficiently, and even, long lastingly. But, knowing and having a laid out workable plan is the first step in getting guaranteed Google first page results...EVERYTIME!

Your title is everything; and I do mean everything! Google and Youtube use word values in their algorithm for rankings. So, keep in mind that words matter! The words in your titles, descriptions, and tags all matter! Use them to your advantage; and build content titles and domain names, based on targeted and researched keywords. As words make up the titles, the content, the descriptions, and many other things; it is important to realize...that people will be searching, using those same terms. So, use words then that people use to find you, or the information you have to offer.

Quality and relevant content in my experience, plays the biggest part in your eventual first page rankings. Working closely with Google and Youtube search results; has enabled me to see the difference 'quality' and 'relevance' have played in my own rankings, for my own videos and blogs. It's like a force of nature, both observable and measurable! Creating and maintaining the highest quality content you can on your website, blog, video, e-book, etc. will totally determine your Google positioning in the search engine results! And, this is not merely just my opinion!

With a video on your site, any video on your site; you are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results, than without having one. So, here is my quick Youtube video that made it to the first page of Google organic search results, out of 43 million other search results, in just over an hour. It was also at the top of the first page results for Google video and Youtube.

Here is my video entitled Get Google First Page Results...

Youtube video gets Google first page results...EVERYTIME!

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