Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are You Getting The Google First Page Results You Deserve?

Is it really that hard to get Google first page results? While the internet can be an excellent tool to help you market your business, it can be quite frustrating to harness its abilities if you do not have a comprehensive understanding of the potential. Trying to get Google first page results for your business’s website or your blog is something that should be approached with caution, as trying to promote yourself poorly can have very unfortunate side effects.

The proper route taken by most businesses to get Google first page results is achieved by hiring a search engine optimization agency. Due to the nature of Google’s search engine results, it is imperative that you have a variety of different workers performing different tasks that all relate to proper optimization. 

Generally, an SEO agency will work with you to get relevant and 100% original content for your website, install descriptive meta tags in your site’s coding, help you promote yourself through targeted backlinks on highly-ranked sites that related to your content, and link several of your pages together, (not only for SEO purposes, but also to help simplify site navigation).

About Google

Google is of course the top site and most respected search engine on the internet today which has caused a mad-rush to get Google first page results by nearly every business on the web. Because of this fact, Google has intelligent software installed to prevent sites that have generated useless web content from rapidly increasing their ranks. This feature has helped remove all of the “cheaters” from getting Google first page results without offering relevant information. 

In the early days of Google, it was quite a bit easier to get Google first page results, regardless of whether or not you had useful information, simply by inserting meta-tags on your page and then submitting your page’s URL to as many search engine submission services as possible. Thankfully, this process has changed to help demand authentic effort from businesses and weed out some of the useless sites.

However, even though this code was set in place to thwart those trying to dilute web content, it can also be a sand trap for businessmen and women that are trying to offer something genuine to other users if they do not know how to promote themselves correctly. This is why SEO, search engine optimization, is a double-edged sword that should only be wielded by experienced developers.

Advantages Of Getting Google First Page Results

While setting up your website properly so you get Google first page results is helpful when internet users find you by searching for your name, it is not the only benefit you receive. When your site is correctly optimized and promoted to help you fly through the ranks at Google, you will also have several other keywords for your site that help direct more traffic to you from various searches. 

For example, to get Google first page results for a marketing business, you would likely have an array of different keywords other than just “marketing”, you could have “internet marketing”, “get the most from online marketing”, etc. which would help you gain more traffic from a broad spectrum of Google searches.

This is keyword specific for every business and for each niche. The words chosen by people searching for you matter the most. These are the words we need to find and dominate. We put these words into your content, video content, and any social media we can. In this way, we carefully insure you truly do "get the Google first page results that you deserve".

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