Monday, May 9, 2011

Get Google First Page Results: Content/Relevance, Backlinks & Activity

In our endless search for better business solutions; the ones in-the-know today, say getting Google first page results should be a top consideration for any savvy business person. We must stop and ask ourselves this very important question...How will your customers find you tomorrow; by the same methods they found you today? 

Our world has changed before our eyes; new emerging technologies and trends have taken over our businesses and lives. We are left stunned and stupid; and somewhat wondering, what happened and when? Never mind the why...we were left behind!

Google is a very busy search engine; it must actively monitor and maintain over 300 million domain names in its database of search results. In total, Google handles an estimated 88 billion queries a month; which is roughly, more than two-thirds of the world’s total Internet traffic! 

Locally or globally, can you see that you or your businesses are no match against these powerful forces, figures, and stats? The first page of Google’s organic search results is designed to offer up only 10 search listings at a time. 10 spots in which, for those keyword searched terms, you and your business have an opportunity to shine, to be found, and to get noticed. Know this, 98% of people never go beyond the first page results!

Are you on the first page of Google’s organic search results? If not, don’t hesitate; for every day matters, to get to that first page position. And, if you are on that first page for whatever searched keywords; understand this, your competition is working very hard behind the scenes, and feverishly clawing at your heals, for that coveted first page status. 

Being smarter, wiser, and faster to meet the changes that are occurring at break neck speeds, means we must meet these changes and challenges head on, with a plan, a workable program to keep us on the first page of Google, and with a set of actively searched for targeted keywords! It’s all about words; in the titles, tags, descriptions, and the content you provide. 

First page Google results depend on so many factors; but, here are three very important reasons that most people in the ‘Google-Know’ would agree with....Backlinks, Content/Relevance and Activity, are the key to first page Google rankings! Each backlink is a vote of confidence from that other website. Obviously, the more authority, rank or relevance that site has can give your own site more credibility, authority, and ranking! 

Because of the staggering numbers and the true value of Google first page search results; there are now battles being fought on a  daily basis for backlinks, making sure your numbers are greater than your competitions. The more backlinks you have, and their authority status, can easily equate to first page Google prominence and positioning...and ahead, of your competition who has less than you!

Thus, the backlinking industry was created and developed to get you those much needed backlinks, either manually or automatically, based on your personal preference, and desire to pay for them. To have someone or a company create them for you, will cost you money...naturally!

Beware, beware; not all backlinks are the same; and automation combined with backlink creation is doomed to failure, once Google catches on to how you are trying to rig the rankings, with a boost of automated backlinks...hundreds of them, thousands of them...seemingly overnight!

Don’t use backlink farms or factories; or automated backlink software...they are doomed to failure! Sure some may work, for a while, until Google catches on! Don’t try and rig your rankings or cut corners in your desire for first page Google results. 

Laying the proper foundational natural links is the key to first page rankings. Developing a thought out backlink plan, based on your niche, website, keywords you are targeting, etc., is the first important step towards Google first page results. 

The next equally important key ingredient to attaining and maintaining first page position, is of course content, and the relevance of that content to each person searching Google, once they get what they are looking terms of results. Are they satisfied and happy with the results? Did they have a relevant searching experience?

               This is precisely what Google wants to insure happens...with each search result. Google bots work very hard gathering continuous data about your website. The quality of your content matters; the bots seem to know how to evaluate the content on your website, while comparing it to about 300 million other websites almost instantaneously. They also search for duplicate content; which if they find it,  can greatly  influence your Google rankings.

               Google wants original high quality and highly targeted to the end user content. Well written, well laid out and thought out, visually attractive content, and websites filled with rich colourful images, graphics and videos. Everything on the website must be keyword targeted...EVERYTHING!

               Content is King, so create well written and highly targeted content. Write content for your reader, visitor or end user. Give them something of great value and results they can personally experience for themselves. High quality content is what makes or breaks any websites position in the Google first page search results. Value and Quality wins every time! And, Google seems to know it, when it finds it!

               Finally, we get to what is considered to be today, May 9,2011, one of the most important ingredients in this Google first page mix. In one is simply Activity! Because of the popularity of social media and analytics; Google measures this activity very carefully for each website in their algorithmic ranking formula.

               To Google today, backlinks and original high quality content takes second place to activity. Google monitors the motion and movement of visitors, how long they stay, what they did, and did they come back and when. They also measure the internal visitors links left behind, as in forums or Blog comments, and record and analyze other social connections as they are made in real time!

               Google wants to see what people actually think of a website by their activity while they are on it; and for how long they stay on it...and most they come back and when! Activity and not just traffic to your site, will be the most important factor of your future Google rankings. Activity has now become Google’s favorite yardstick for getting Google first page results. I saved the best for last.

               Know this; activity, like content and backlinking need a planned approach; a workable plan designed to build your websites/products/services/ideas’ credibility, authority, expertise, social connections, etc., from the ground up. This is the only true way to get stable and long lasting Google first page results.

               Quickie solutions, quickie results...never worked, will never work, and are a waste of money and your valuable time. Here is the photo proof, just minutes old, of what I have done in 10 days with this Blogs rankings.

Get Google First Page Results Today!

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