Monday, May 2, 2011

Stay in the Past or Peek into the Future with Google First Page Results: See What your Google Future Looks Like Today!

Are you or aren’t you getting Google first page results? If you are, then you would be wise to listen and learn how to successfully maintain it for as long as you want. And, if you are not there, were there, or wanna be there, then this information is especially designed for you. 

First off...Google is a lot BIGGER than you may think!

We presently live in a world ruled by words and numbers. Google has a stranglehold on both, and it’s getting tighter by the day. With hundreds of millions of websites to crawl, index and maintain; as it performs nearly 100 billion monthly queries, keeps Google on its toes 24/7; including, every nano-second in between!

Your results, first page or not, represents a drop of water in a Sea of water. Know this; getting Google first page results is about overcoming incredible odds....of words and numbers...for your site to be in that coveted Google first page position. There can only be ten!

It’s all about words and numbers, crunching numbers, evaluations, and analysis. What the numbers say, determines what you need to do, undo, or change, in order to maintain or attain that first page result. Things can change hourly, or even minute by minute; it all depends on what your competition is doing to get there first; or, to depose you from that first page state.
To see what your Google future looks like today; you need tools, software tools that analyze and report; breaking it all down to the numbers, and grouping them in a way, that you can understand, and use, in order to make the necessary customized changes to your site, or off page ranking factors.

These programs allow you to see many things and variables; only one of which is the number of backlinks your competition uses; their exact numbers and their exact sources. Google first page positioning totally depends on the number of BACKLINKS! That’s not the only variable, but, it’s one of the top three factors that determine Google first page rankings.

It’s highly competitive at the top, fighting and jockeying for that first page; sometimes amid millions, tens of millions, and even hundreds of millions of other search results. Again, the numbers are staggering. Yet, the people with the Google-Know-How; know how to analyze and act on that information to get Google first page results-EVERYTIME!

               The tools will tell you what you need to know, what you need to do, including, what it will take to get your site into that first page position. The time-line to achieve this is totally up to you; including, knowing how much money you will need to spend, and the existing competition within your keyword selection or niche. 

But, I can tell you one thing for sure, and without any fancy high-priced tools or gadgets...if you are not on that first page of Google, well... 98% of the people that use Google search, never go past that first page result!

               So, the moral of the story is, if you are not on the first page of Google, you basically don’t exist at all! See what your Google future looks like today? Let us offer you our no cost or obligation evaluation and analysis; to see where you actually stand, by the numbers, in your Google rankings, and what you need to do today, in order to get your share of Google first page results!              

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