Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Get To Google First Page Ahead Of Your Competition!

I know what it takes to get to Google first page ahead of the competition. Sometimes, it’s not as easy as you may think…it even takes blood, sweat, and tears!

One would think that owning a website with a unique domain name; containing strong and solid content; while representing good deals on great products would be enough to lure in all of the traffic that one would need; the hard steely truth…it takes a lot more. 

Natural, organic Google traffic is the best to get. You want people talking about your site, your business, your products and services, online and searching for you, especially, using specific keywords that you are already targeting…so that your website comes up in their “top Google search results”.

Getting to that coveted Google first page requires search engine optimization, a process through which you can increase the rankings of your website by expanding your reputation in Google and through-out the other search engines

This SEO can be on-page or off-page; which refers to how one can optimize a site and its design, content, and programming code-on-page. As well as the factors, the off-page things, that can influence any websites Google rankings.

Unfortunately, with the amount of competition in some online niches and markets, there is no way that you can ensure or guarantee that you will show up on the Google first page search results. In reality, it takes a great deal of work to perfect “first page results”.

Is It Really Possible To Appear On Google First Page Results?

When business owners realize that their business’s website does not automatically appear on Google first page results after they create the domain name, they tend to lose hope about optimizing their site to appear more frequently in the search results. 

Generally speaking, because of the amount of work involved in getting a brand new website off the ground and onto the Google first page search results, business owners outsource the work to a firm that specializes in this field. These people and organizations go by various names…SEO experts, SEO gurus, and SEO companies, etc.

That being said, there are resources that you can use to get on the first page for free; however, it is not very easy; especially, when you are first trying to understand how search engine optimization works. 
My best advice to anyone looking to achieve Google first page results is to find someone knowledgeable…a doer and not a talker. Their results should speak volumes to you. If they don’t, find someone else that does!

What Will Google First Page Results Really Do For Me?

Despite what you may believe, have heard, been promised; getting your website onto Google first page results will actually help you in a variety of ways, some of which you may not have considered.

First off, getting on the first page will increase your traffic; as statistically less than one out of ten internet users go beyond the first page results. This means that the higher you rank in the results, the greater the chance that you will be visited by a larger amount of traffic.

Second, because you can gain an increase of traffic, you can increase not only your sales from the new flood of customers that visit your site; but, you can also increase your ad revenue from programs such as AdSense and other similar type paid per click advertisements

Third, with the boost in numbers added to your site, you can also earn more money from businesses such as BuySellAds.com. These companies are designed to help websites connect with advertisers who are willing to pay for ad space, and the higher the amount of traffic that you have on your site, the greater the amount of money you will make from each Ad sold.

Most importantly, putting aside the financial rewards, it helps people recognize you, and allows your site to “get heard above the crowd”.

Here is a quick video showing my "First Page Results"...
Get the first page results you want, need and deserve...never settle for less than first page results...everytime!

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