Friday, June 17, 2011

Google First Page Every Time!

Either you do or you don’t get Google first page every time. I always do, and so can you!

Bold statements I know; but, I also know you need a plan and a workable fail proof system; a ‘tried and tested’ system. With over 50 videos and an equal number of blogs to my credit; I know what it takes to achieve Google first page results...every time!

Google loves content, high quality well-written content. Yes, Google knows the difference...based on my research and experience. Well researched, well documented, and well referenced blogs/postings have always made it to the first page results every time; and sometimes, in the most unexpected ways.

On January 19, 2011, I created a free Blogger blog and called it “Google Places First Page Results”.  I only made one posting to it that first night and it was about 600 words in length. I created a captivating title from a writer’s point of view; and, several researched links were also included within the posting to various prominent sites...Wikipedia for example, was one of them. My blog is available at

Within 19 hours, my blog was picked up by Bing News, and it was in first place in the Google first page search results, under its title “Google Places Can Take Any Business Right to the Top of the Search Results”. I have only made two other posts since; and, it is still number one five months later, out of 72 million search results!

Recently, I have been experimenting with “Youtube video results”; with an uncanny precision to creating Google first page results every time; mainly, by targeting keywords within the videos description and tags; and then uploading it from one of my Youtube channels; which incidentally, has over 35 videos on it. Interestingly enough, all were created by me from a free online and downloadable screen capture video program. I narrated as I recorded my monitors searched results.

To maximize and optimize my Google results I began to create videos and blogs of the same title, and used the same descriptions and tags for each. Then, I upload the video to Youtube, and then to my blog. It worked wonders for my blog. It is also helped to get it up the Google rankings, because of the power of Youtube videos.

I will show you proof, time, and date stamped, as I create and post this blog. You will see below what the first page looked like before this blog, photos, and videos, were posted and uploaded.

Just to let everyone know, that I can get...Google first page every time!

Here are the photos of the Google first page search results before and after my blog....

 It is just past 3 am EST in Toronto...


Here is the photo proof of this blog minutes later...

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