Saturday, June 25, 2011

Google First Page Frenzy: Get Results Today!

Everyone is trying to get Google first page; never mind tomorrow!

Whether through SEO, paid backlinks, article marketing, spinning software, paid traffic, acts of God, and even magic...webmasters, businessmen, kids, and homemakers alike, are all trying to achieve one thing...Google first page results!

Some are accomplishing this transcendent feat at zero cost; while others are paying for it...dearly! Is it just me or has everyone suddenly become a Google expert; and able to bend Google results to their will, almost every time?

For some, the competition can be fierce, and perhaps beyond approach; or, so they say. For me, I am of the philosophy, if you don’t take a shot on the do you expect to paraphrase Wayne Gretsky.

The Google experts have made it very easy to help you get those Google first page results almost every time. Many, far too many software programs exist, designed and programmed for only one instantly analyze the top ten spots within Google’s first page search results; and, specifically for the keywords you are targeting, and would like to rank for. That’s it and that’s all!

But, that’s plenty!

Here are some of the things these spying programs can tell you about your competition; and most importantly, how to get Google first page results. It analyzes the backlinks and their sources for each site within the top ten listings. Giving you a number, their source, and PR value; and all, at the push of a button!

I say too many software programs, because not all programs are the same, or give you the same or even accurate results. They vary in their ability to give you first page results. Some are free and not worth even that; while others, can cost upwards of $200.00 and beyond.

For this Blog, I have noticed my rank falling from Google first page results to being lost on the second page; where 98% of the people viewing the first page, will never see me on the second. 

I can do one of three things; purchase this kind of SEO software and face the steep learning curve; hire an expensive SEO expert or company; or, resort to what works best for writing a well worded Blog posting like this one!

This Blog posting will get Google first page results for this Blog; as I will provide photo proof of my before and after posting. To Google, it`s all about quality, relevance, and well worded with targeted keywords that your readers, Google searchers are looking for...Give Google What It Wants!

It`s Google frenzy; a first page drive for Google results today. Everyone these days it seems, are after that coveted piece of Google pie, that tasty and delicious treat called...Google first page results!

Enjoy a slice today!

Check this out...I know exactly what it takes to achieve Google first page results everytime!