Sunday, July 10, 2011

Get Google First Page Results: Google Gets you First Page Results if you Give Google What it Wants

How does getting Google first page results give you what you want and what Google wants? Very simply, through the process of synergy and osmosis. Google’s algorithm is pure science. It is based on logic, higher math, and dozens, if not hundreds of individual variables, just for positional rankings alone.

It has become a Google world, where Google provides us with the most current, relevant, and socially valued information. So that we, the searchers of data, information, and wisdom, can fulfill our needs and wants...right there, right now, and as we view the screen!

Some of us, unfortunately too many of us, pull out our credit cards way to fast, and become disillusioned by the results; or mostly, simply fail to follow up on our digital downloaded purchases; and there they still sit, unused, collecting dust on our hard drives.

Please understand this; in order to get Google first page results, you must give Google what it wants. Just ask yourself what you want in terms of knowledge or information. What do you seek? 

If you know the answer, I mean really know it cold; you will know exactly what to give Google to achieve your first page results, every time!

Factually speaking, in their seminal paper entitled, “The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hyper-textual Web Search Engine”, both Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page, knew something much bigger and better was needed, to meet our insatiable thirst for knowing, knowing about anything that interest us, compels us, or fulfills us, truly it is all about us!

If you have the time, you can read all about it here...

In the meantime, please let me reassure you that getting Google first page results today, couldn’t be easier...again, as long as you know exactly what you are looking for....

Give Google what it wants, is not just about backlinks, content, or even the activity on the site or about it. No, none of these things really matter for Google; even mathematically. The truth to Google, is so basically simple; even the SEO experts, go all “figure figure”; and loose themselves and your website in the mathematical process.

To Google, you matter above all else. So that, giving you what you want, gives Google what it wants every time! Your service and satisfaction is what Google wants above all else. The only motto of this story...“GIVE GOOGLE WHAT IT WANTS” to Get Google first page results!

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