Sunday, July 17, 2011

Give Google What it Wants: Get First Page Results Today!

Google will give you first page results today, as long as you are willing to work hard at giving Google what it wants. Now, there’s the million dollar question. What does Google really want?

Honestly, I am no Google expert; just because my sites rank at the top of Google’s first pages, only makes me good at giving Google what it wants...and in return, I get Google first page results every time.  And that’s a fact!

So honestly again, I am here to tell you what Google really wants! 

Here it is then, the Anatomy of Search Engine...named Google....

You’ve heard these words used about, probably millions of times...and that’s not an exaggeration!

Content, relevance, backlinks, social popularity, website activity, number of hits, views, etc. I can go on and on.... We all think we know it; but truthfully, we don’t; we just don’t get it!

And, here is why we don’t get it...

Above and beyond any of the hundreds of algorithmic variables Google has to use in their analysis and ranking factors; and, even as they manage over 88 billion search queries monthly, and all the while, skillfully maintaining over 400 million websites; Google is still human and very vulnerable...figuratively speaking of course.

I meant that Google is based on human decisions, choices, likes, dislikes, etc. Basically speaking, Google’s ranking factors are human based, and developed to work on human perceptions. So, what I am trying to say is that Google wants to be given information in a human way, perhaps even in a humane way. 

To achieve those first page results today, you need to give Google what it wants; honestly, easily, through well chosen and descriptive words, that are natural sounding, and relevant to the reader, viewer, or, the searcher of the information. 

Talk to Google as you would to another human being in front of you; in a friendly and active, chatty manner; where you are interestingly engaged in a compelling and thoughtful chat. This means, don’t spin your content. Sure, it works to get traffic and backlinks...based on sheer statistics and numbers; but, honestly speaking; that’s not what Google really wants. 

Real people don’t communicate with spun words; they talk with sensitivity and feeling; sometimes finding just the right words, to communicate those very personalized ideas and thoughts. We are all unique and special beings. Not robots designed to digitize data by whatever means.

Truthfully, Google first page results can literally happen over night; but, not for every keyword or niche! Some keywords and niches are so competitive, that it would literally take either a lot of time or a great deal of money, to get those Google first page results; especially today, tomorrow, or whenever....

Consider Google as a human being; now, how would you talk to Google; interact with Google; want to make friends with get where I am going here. Be friendly, honest, and most of all be yourself, talk straight, talk truthfully; and if you do just that alone; Google will give you your first page results. 

And, the more you give Google what it wants; in return, the more Google first page results you will receive in exchange. It’s really that simple...this is how I’ve done it...EVERY TIME...and I can you!

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