Sunday, July 3, 2011

Give Google What it Wants

To achieve consistent Google first page results, you must learn to give Google what it wants! Google first page can mean big bucks, power, and prestige; and as a result, everyone wants first page results!

The easiest way some say, is through high quality relevant content. Content is and always has been King in Google’s eyes. And social relevance has never been more important to Google either! 

So, how does Google choose relevance of content and quality of content? I can answer this question directly; and even without disclosing the anatomy of their algorithms. Very simply, by the power and through the power of words! 

So, give Google what it wants.

This is how you do it:

Its bots are designed to search for words, keywords, current phrases, trending terms, actions phrases, celebrity sayings, corporate doublespeak, government name it! More than likely Google has it indexed, quantified and qualified.

You are either using those words which Google considers hot and trending, current and useful, active and social, or you are not! If you are, and you are giving Google what it wants, it will in return give you what you want...Google first page results!

Google first page involves knowing what you want to say and saying it so that Google understands it within your pages, blogs, and content. Choose your words based on more than just your choice and whim. Keyword research targeting is your best bet; to determine what are the popular phrases, words, and keywords that you should be targeting.

Google has given people, any user of their service and tools, the resources to totally dominate the first page search results in their favor. All you need is to make sure you write the most well written content, containing the most popular keyword researched words and sayings that you wish the Google bots to capture, as they do their daily fly-by's, and regularly capture your pages’ content.

Stuffing keywords does not work. Writing nonsense or gibberish will not work. Give Google what it wants by giving Google what it needs...words that matter most! Your originality and creativity matter most when they are rich with Google keywords that the Google bots love and want.

Do you want Google first page results? Then find the words, and then use the words that matter most...Give Google what it wants!

And in return, Google will reward you with what it is designed to do...give you Google first page results....

Here is a before photo of what the web page looked like before my blog posting....

Here is the after photo....

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