Monday, July 25, 2011

Targeting First Page Niches: Google Keyword Research Tool Can Steer you Wrong!

If you are serious about targeting first page niches, then you should know this inescapable fact...using the Google keyword research tool can steer you wrong, and way off track! 

Targeting first page niches is all about targeting keywords, profitable keywords, and not just from the results based on PPC and Adwords data. Not to mention, this data fluctuates constantly, day to day; and most importantly, another fact you should also get to know; that most SEO people in the know, avoid using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool like the plague!   

But nevertheless, I wanted to provide a link so that you can check it out for yourself.

I will provide one simple example of how skewed the Google keyword research ad tool can be; especially for people learning this stuff first hand.

Just Google...natural health news...and you will see the first page for more than 48 million Google search results. The first page results are startling, if you were to take a closer look and see behind the keyword tool numbers...see the screen captured photos below.

The numbers claim a very low competition; 1,600 global searches, and 1000 local searches. I filtered these results for the US! Now, my BIG question to Google is...Who are you kidding?

The first page results show two of the top health advocates on the planet; with huge Alexa rankings, and a rabid following of millions! That’s low competition?

Both and receive thousands of unique visitors, sometimes even daily. Check out the Alexa rankings for these sites in the screen captured photos below.

Targeting first page niches can get you BIG results; but, if you are going to rely on Google’s keyword ad tool for those results, then know this; you are going to be steered wrong, and way off track...and that’s a fact Jack!

Try another keyword research that targets specific niches, profitable and non-competitive niches...Real money making niches!

Here is a link to one of my favorite...

Don’t rely on skewed data for your income. To get Google first page results these days requires more than just Google’s free keyword ad tool. Haven’t you ever heard the get what you pay for! Don’t let Google steer you wrong. Targeting first page niches can be fun and profitable, when you have a tool that gives you solid 100% reliable results!

Hope this helps you on your way to Google first page results!


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