Monday, April 2, 2012

Content Curation vs.Content Creation

Today we will discuss the merits of content curation vs.Content creation in getting Google first page results. It is easier than you may think to achieve consistent and predictable Google first page results for your blogs or websites. In this series you will discover exactly what it takes to get your products, services, and content unto the communications lines of the world; while out ranking your competition in the process!

In my last blog, I barely scratched the surface of content curation. Allow me to continue its many praises and virtues. Basically, it involves finding and using quality content from somewhere else; another source other than your own. Content that has already been thoroughly and professionally researched;  indexed, and usually uploaded or posted on an existing authority site; one that has already been valued and ranked!

You can borrow and use this content on your own website; while giving it its proper attribution; copyright recognition. In the meantime; you can take this highly valued content; and re-purpose it slightly by adding your own comments; introduction and ending; using it relevantly, and relating it to your readers or viewers specific needs, wants and thirst for valuable content. As long as you give credit where credit is due; and provide the links and source; you can get away with its use on your website or blog.

Content curation saves any webmaster, blogger or website owner; time, money and effort; in creating original content, and in doing the preliminary and sometimes tedious tasks of research and writing those highly prized well written words; or quality and informative video creation.

Now, content creation is entirely another manner; and requires much more time, research and money, to pay someone to create the content and do the research for you; or, you must do part or all of the above yourself. Keep in mind, that your readers or viewers are becoming increasingly demanding; and it becomes much harder to keep the content flowing; originally, creatively, and with authority. Content curation solves this problem, easily and effectively; and most importantly; with very little cost of time or money to you; while giving you maximum bang for your buck, in terms of authority. Honestly, it can’t be beat!

Personally, as an independent research scholar; and as a talented and highly gifted writer; I prefer to do everything myself; and, passionately write what I want; when I want; and how I want. Within about an hour; I can creatively research and write about 500-600 words without too much effort; or create a quick video for prime-time! I should say, ready for distribution on YouTube; and the many other video sharing sites out there.

So there you have it; content curation vs. content creation; one or the other,  will always get you Google first page results...every time! Your choice, your time, and of course, your money; I hope this has helped you decide which is the best route for you!

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