Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting Google First Page Results is Not All that It Takes

Getting Google first page results is not all that it takes to dominate your niche or market! It actually takes much more than that; especially, if you want to maintain that precious and privileged Google first page rankings. In this brief posting, I will discuss the many short-cuts and short-comings as it relates to Google first page results.

First, my most annoying pet peeve regarding Google first page rankings: Everyone and their friends, relatives, and associates are vying for those coveted and highly valued Google first page rankings; and, most don’t care how they achieve it; as long as they do; without too much cost, time, and effort involved.

The Google landscape has been dramatically and fiercely changing these past few years; as Google has expanded, upgraded, down-graded, de-indexed, and tweaked, their algorithmic rankings for positional first page popularity and staying power almost on a weekly basis.

What was, isn’t; what wasn’t, is; and, what could never be, has already come to pass...thus, Google has maintained control of their 500 million website empire; including, their almost 90 billion monthly search results by changing up before things get to predictable. As most intelligent people in the know, already know, Google rankings can be rigged!

Therefore, Google is fighting a never ending battle to outwit the foxes that keep sneaking into their hen house, and stealing their prized chickens. Recently, Google has become fixated on Global domination and global monetization of their Googolplex Empire. 

It is my personal opinion, that what we are witnessing today are the early signs of the unraveling of an antiquated search engine; that honestly, has become too BIG for their britches. My advice to anyone and everyone is don’t put all your eggs in one basket; find other sources of traffic; find other ways to promote your business, website and or cause. 

My advice to all, is don’t just rely on getting Google first page results; because, truthfully speaking, it’s not all that it takes to get yourself known and well thought of, and on the communication lines of the world. Facebook has 800 million subscribers and so does YouTube; there are so many different and popular social sites out there just crying to share your knowledge and experience with others. Find them, use them, and reach out to other like minded people.

I used to believe that getting Google first page results was the most important thing in your businesses future. My views, ideas and loyalties have now changed. Don’t be fooled by all the Google hype and Google posturing; get real and stay real. Getting Google first page results is not all that it takes to get your website or business out there anymore.

Don’t over reach, over-pay, and over achieve towards getting Google first page results; because knowing what I now know of Google; you are going to have to keep spending, keep changing, as Google changes its mighty grasp over your life and your businesses hopes and dreams. Buyers beware; because, nothing last forever, not even your precious Google first page results!

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