Thursday, April 19, 2012

YouTube Video Marketing Gets You Google First Page Results

Getting Google first page results is a snap, if you are using YouTube video marketing to do it! Get more qualified leads for your business or website by using Youtube video marketing. It's that simple! If you don't believe me, please keep reading as I intend to make a YouTube video convert out of you.

First, you should be aware of some astonishing facts: And, if this doesn't convince you to use YouTube video for your business marketing needs...nothing will!

Currently, believe it or not; most of my targeted and optimized Youtube videos, they out rank Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, even Youtube, for their own targeted and highly optimized keywords. 2012 is the Year of the Video! And, if you are not seriously considering using Youtube videos for your marketing efforts, you are losing out on tons of FREE targeted traffic to your site(s)! Not to mention, all the Social Marketing and PR that you could ever want!

Youtube video creation is simple, fun, and ridiculously inexpensive to make; if you know what to do, and how to reach your targeted audience. I have been testing and tweaking Youtube videos for two long years; and, am finally able to share with you the secrets to unlock the doors to Youtube and Google First Page Domination!

Did you know that for just under $200.00, I can help you create a professional looking video; that ranks on the first page for your targeted keywords; within hours to days; and, that will put you totally ahead of your competition...GUARANTEED?

Did you know that with a video on your website or blog, that you have a 53x greater chance of being on the first page of Google? Many people are doing it all wrong in their attempt to get on the first page of Google, and get the commanding results they deserve.

Allow me to set the record straight and save you and your business a ton of time and money...on expensive SEO; outsourced backlinking strategies, that could get you de-indexed; hours of article marketing, posting to dozens of ezine article directories; using Internet Marketing Guru's that know how to make your expense; and, even through the use of social savvy media mavens that will get your name out there, unto the communication lines of the world; but, if you aren't ready to truly get the conversation started; ready for the traffic; and totally optimized to keep them on your websites pages; then again, you've just wasted your time and money!
Finally, here are some more facts that you should seriously consider:

There are 4.2 billion views happening every single day on Youtube! Don't you find that astonishing?

Youtube has the same number of users as does Facebook...800 million...and counting. It could very well surpass 1 BILLION views by the end of this year!

Youtube, next to Google, is the 2nd largest search engine in the World...and, it isn't even a search engine!


The stage is set, the cameras are rolling; and now, what would you like to say about your business that your throngs of followers will be delighted to see via Youtube video?

In my opinion, based on thousands of my used up hours testing and tweaking and working with Youtube videos and their results; it is the fastest, surest, and the most guaranteed way to GET GOOGLE FIRST PAGE RESULTS!

Here is a video proof of what I am talking about:


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