Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Premium PRWeb Press Release Can Be a Real Game Changer For Your Website

A Premium PRWeb press release can be a real game changer for any existing; and especially, newly formed on or offline business and website. Strangely enough; most businesses and websites have never used them; and even more bizarre; most have never even heard of them!

All the while, BIG BUSSINESS uses them regularly, to make a BIG media splash; and, to get a flood of prospects and customers to their stores or websites. Across the nation, this translates into tens of thousands of people, prospects or visitors; and, sometimes up to millions of dollars in income, per press release campaign. Simply, they work!

Let’s take a look under the hood and see what a premium PRWeb press release consists of, and their costs.

Here are the Premium Package details…

As you can see, a premium PRWeb press release starts at $369, and goes up from there…

Additionally, you can keep adding the bells and whistles…

Totaling just under $1000.00; for the basic premium package; from here, you can still upgrade to additional media outlet packages, and target specific distribution networks for precise geographical locations. My best advice is to hire your own copywriter or content creator, to create the press release and video combination. Including, and especially, cleverly connecting your press release to a media event, celebrity, trend, or current happening.

For greater success and impact, your PRWeb press releases content and copy needs to be based on keyword research; and, using other available tools to gather exacting data to ‘know where to go’ sort of thing; by using Google’s Keywords Tool; Google Insights, and Google Alerts, to guide your progress and success.

This year will go down as the Year of the Video; with the popularity and influence of YouTube, and their 800 million subscribers, and 4 billion views per day! You must, must, must, include a keyword targeted and professionally produced video in every premium press release to have the most visual impact; especially, to benefit and influence the media outlets that will read and view it. Basically, you should already be branding your business by having your own YouTube Channel; including, having several types of videos, promoting your business, service, or products.

Once things are set up and all the research and writing and SEO targeting is in and developed; you can then focus on specific News outlets and key geographical distribution networks. Keep in mind, the better your connection to a media event, a happening, trend, or celebrity, the better are your chances at making tens of thousands of new friends via your widely and highly targeted PRWeb press release readership.

Hope this information helps you understand the importance of using a PRWeb press release for your business or website. The next and final installment in this series, I will expand upon how a premium PrWeb press release, with all the bells and whistles can be a real game changer for your website; focusing in on real case studies, and even BIGGER results!

Not surprisingly, the other incidental benefit from almost any premium PRWeb press release, is your guarantee of Google first page results; specifically, for your highly targeted and keyword researched title of your press release.

Stay tuned…

Here is a video I recently did showcasing a well crafted and highly optimized PRWeb press release. It shows how a PRWeb press release can get a flood of traffic to your website.

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