Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A PRWeb Press Release Can Get A Flood Of Traffic To Your Website

Without a doubt, a properly worded, keyword targeted, well researched, and celebrity or event centered PRWeb press release, can in fact get a flood of traffic to your website or business; all the while, achieving Google first page search results, every time!

Strong words I know; but, what works, works; that’s all I know!

I just left a comment on Konrad Braun’s marketing blog about this recent case study, and a video link to a YouTube video I did documenting how this PRWeb press release thing really works. For it to work like gangbusters, it must be a premium PRWeb press release, and with all the ‘bells and whistles’. Costing nearly $1000.00!

BIG LEAGUE SALES doesn’t come cheap; especially, if you want to bring in 50,000-100,000 unique buying visitors to your site in 30 days or less! You’ll make your money back 10-20 times over and usually within that same 30 day period.

One new company did $50,000 in profits in 30 days; and, starting from zero sales, mainly because of this system I am about to share with you. It works!

Today, I am going to give you a rough overview of the basic key ingredients of how this premium PRWeb press release can be a powerful force in your marketing arsenal or web/product launch considerations. At the same time, it will also guarantee you Google first page results for your product, service or marketing idea.

Here are the key points to keep in mind:

1.       Get a premium PRWeb press release. It must be SEO optimized.

2.       Get the press release written by a good writer and connect release to a current trend, event or talked about celebrity.

3.       The press release must contain an optimized video of the same name or title as that of the press release; accompanying it with multiple links(your website) within the content body of the release.

4.       It must be distributed to the media and geographically targeted based on research using the tool Google Insights.

5.       It must be set to a few campaigns over a thirty day period; and not just a one shot deal.

6.       The release must be well written and strategically worded to cleverly tie into an existing trending event, celebrity, or some ‘happening’, that has got all the media’s current attention.

7.       The wording and structure of the press release must also include the title mention in the first sentence of the body.

8.       The rest should be worded with a specific formula in mind, one that works; one that will follow in my next blog installment.

Well, this is the way I saw with my own eyes how a PRWeb press release can get a flood of traffic to your website.

Stay tuned…

Check out my new YouTube video that gives a case point example of a well written and highly targeted PrWeb press release:

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