Sunday, October 28, 2012

Make Money with Video Marketing

To make money with video marketing means you must first consider using YouTube in your marketing mix. Mainly because, YouTube video marketing gets you Google first page results, every time! I don’t know how else to emphatically state the obvious, YouTube gets you Google first page results PERIOD!

There are dozens of ways to successfully make money with video marketing; especially, when using YouTube videos to get you those coveted first page results! But, you must first learn from an expert at making money with video marketing.

I mean real simply and effortlessly making money for fun and profit!

In this blog posting I will focus on a few of these experts that seem to really know what they are doing, and are easily achieving Google first page results with their video marketing efforts. Each one of these video marketers swears by the power and impact of using YouTube video marketing to get higher, and in most cases, first page Google rankings.

Just for these specific keywords... “Make money with video marketing”, a number of colorful characters, video marketing experts, come up on the first page of the Google search results. See for yourself what the first page landscape looks like, for these ‘prized’ keywords:

The first listing on the first page results was uploaded by ; the next,;  and a few more spots further down the page we have our favorite west coast   video marketer ; rounding out the top of the fold.

These video marketing experts know how to reach out and touch you via your most vulnerable point, through visual stimulation; by way of video marketing, getting you to say yes to their sensually stimulating offer...are you ready to buy?

Hey, that’s video marketing! And, that’s how to make money with it, from it, and by skillfully using video’s to help you sell, sell, sell!

Video’s help sell products, services, even ideas; they have launched businesses, a recent president, and several global enterprises. The power of video is here, and within your grasp. Astonishingly, it is also free for you to use and benefit from, even by way of, making money with YouTube video marketing.

In the next segment following this posting, I will go into the successful actions of each one of these video marketing mavens.  Making yourself or your business/website better known and well thought of is the key to your video marketing strategy. Making money is the by-product of offering something worthwhile to someone that is willing to buy it from you for the price that you want to sell it for.

Now, if life were really only that easy....

Stay tuned for part 2; as I show you how to get those Google first page results...every time!

Here is my video version of my second part in this series. I have created a YouTube video appropriately entitled, "Make Money With Video Marketing"This video was created almost two months after this posting. It will also show this blog on the first page, 7th spot!

This video is an explanation on how to optimize your YouTube videos for ranking purposes; always getting Google first page results. It will show you how to use SEO to make money with video marketing.