Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Writing a Premium PRWeb Press Release

The goal of writing a successful premium PRWeb press release is to get your message out there onto the communications lines of the world. Why PRWeb? Simply, they work; and, can definitely get a flood of traffic to your business or website. I will examine the key ingredients it takes, to insuring your next premium PRWeb press release, is the next best thing that could happen to your website or business.

Honestly, writing a press release is a lot easier than you would think; especially, when you are able to directly tie-in to a worthwhile cause, a media event, a celebrity, the launch of a new technology, product/service, or a business/website. In this case, if it is well written, keyword optimized, includes sufficient hyperlinks, and a professionally produced video; it can and will get a flood of traffic to your website or business; almost guaranteed!

Google has some amazing tools to help you target with laser precision, the exact wording, tie-in, and, content of your next premium PRWeb press release; including and especially, the specifically selected distribution channels and news networks you need to target; so that it will have the strongest and make the widest impact on your readership and press release viewers. This premium PRWeb press release series will take you behind the scenes to what can change your business and your life in the process.

This is a powerful technology that will give you an edge, to drive a flood of traffic to your website or business; and with mind melding precision. Impinging on their likes, attitudes and desires, becomes like shooting fish in a barrel; you can’t help but get lucky, and know with complete certainty, that you’re going to go home with fish to eat tonight!

A well written and highly keyword targeted and SEO optimized press release, can be a real game changer for your business or website; especially, when you can directly discover and target your best and most influential buyers, viewers, subscribers, etc. 

Based on my recent research, and literally with only a few simple campaigns over a few short weeks; some successful businesses and websites, have tremendously benefited through the power of a properly well written premium PRWeb press release. These have resulted in bringing tens of thousands of new inquiries, leads, viewers or subscribers to their business and website.

Writing a successful press release requires a writer capable of creating an instant ‘identification’ between content and the source/origin of the creation; a connection between a prospect and a product/service being offered. A great writer communicates through action words, strong verbs, and with an impassioned voice. This must be felt by the readership!

The actual mechanics and key ingredients of a properly worded and highly effective premium PRWeb press release; including their costs and package details, are easy to learn and simple to apply. I would be happy to share them with you in my next installment; including, how to save yourself a ton of money on the press release costs; as stated on their website; and especially, the premium PRWeb distribution package costs!

Stay tuned…

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