Sunday, November 18, 2012

Google and YouTube First Page Rankings Have Almost Nothing to Do with Backlinks and or Views

Please, let me be clear; Google and YouTube rankings have almost nothing to do with backlinks and or views; it’s all about optimization! If you can optimize your blogs/websites/videos by making them Google/YouTube friendly, you will be giving both Google and YouTube what they want...relevant, current, and linked data; information that is easily found, highly readable/viewable, and, is readily shared. That’s it, and that’s all! If you can optimize your content and sites with this in mind, RELEVANCY, both Google and YouTube will love your creations, and rank them accordingly. 

My aim is to achieve Google and YouTube first page domination. And, what exactly do I mean by Google and YouTube domination? By either taking the top spot(s) on that first page of Google or YouTube search results; or, by getting the majority of first page rankings, on that first page, for a certain set of search terms/keywords! Basically, your content must dominate or grab the attention of a majority of people reading their Googled results; again, based on a set of selected/targeted keywords.

To make your content/sites Google and YouTube friendly, requires a different approach to their optimization. YouTube is the easier one to optimize; but, you must optimize it to perfection; meaning, using relevant content, relevant links, and keyword rich researched tags; including, creating detailed informative descriptions, surrounding these ‘relevant links’.

Below is an example of a video I created which has hardly had many views (22); yet, it is ranking in the first spot on the first page of Google and YouTube for its’ even shortened ‘two-word’ keyword phrase; surprisingly, even above the current industry leaders, their own domains, and countless indexed pages! 

Currently, they are one of the leading on-line press release sites in the World, And my video, “How to Become a PRWeb Expert”, can be found on the first spot of the first page, even for the phrase, “PRWeb expert”. Which begs the question...can I become an industry expert so easily with just one fully optimized video? Well, according to both Google and YouTube...I sure can!

As evidenced by my screen captures, you will see how I ‘optimized’ my description, with lots of links, and relevant current data. You have lots of room, about 5000 characters to use up in your description; why not use as much as possible, it’s to your benefit, and towards your Google and YouTube rankings!

I also made sure my tags (120 characters maximum) were also ‘optimized’ for my keywords, and their ‘searchable’ combinations; including, selecting in the ‘advanced settings’, the date of the video, and my exact location on the map provided.

Within my description, I provide 3 direct links to my ‘other’ created relevant content; including, a shared link to my existing video, at the bottom of the description. In this way, this short and very recent video has made me a ‘PRWeb expert’, according to Google and YouTube, in just a few short weeks. And, most surprising of all, with just 22 views!

Talk about first page domination, and without the views!

Also, just as importantly, with zero backlinks; except, for my use of on-page linking factors, as evidenced within this blog, by links to my own blogs, articles, video and content, residing elsewhere on the net.

In the next blog, I will focus on how to optimize your content for Google first page rankings. This was just a quick peak. Next posting, will totally open your eyes, as I demonstrate the only truly truth that matters; the most fundamental and cardinal LAW which both Google and YouTube operate under. KNOW, this one thing alone, and Google and YouTube will love and rank you high forever

This is the surest way I know to Get Google First Page Results!

Here is a video I created after this blog posting was published, describing how fast this blog posting made it to the first page under a minute flat! My screen capture is below. I even have another video tape of it LIVE for your EYES! Just ask, and I'll send it along. Make a comment

Coincidentally, this video has the same title as this blog..."Google and YouTube First Page Rankings Have Almost Nothing to Do with Backlinks and or Views"
You better bet it's also #1!

Here is a short video screen capture of my one minute first page, first spot posting