Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Value of Communication: Originality and Creativity vs Spun Content on your Websites

This posting is about getting Google first page results, ethically, honestly, and through the true value of communication; that directly comes from maintaining the purity of the contents' originality and creativity vs using spun content on your websites and blogs!

Let's use a real life example of what I mean by creative prose...
Words, words, words, make our World go round!  

Now, I challenge anyone, with any spinner out there, to spin that sentence and still retain the same intention of meaning in as few words! 

Shades of Science Fiction Gone reminds me of the following:

I’ll never forget the Sci-Fi story about the computer system becoming greater than the sum of its parts. One of the least insignificant of its parts, at least to the computer at the time, just happened to be the HUMANS that created it!

Now, that’s not the interesting part of the story. We as human beings created this super intelligent computer, while also training it to teach itself, by becoming ‘creative and original’ on its own, based on all of the data we fed it!

Well, here’s where the computer gets to show off its stuff! Please keep in mind, that this story was written in the 1960’s. And so, forgive my colorful use of corporate stereotypes.Yet, I believe it still creatively serves to make my point.

I am only using it to show how easily anyone/anything can create content, even contrived content, which can at first appear to be ‘original and creative’. This device,  was used by the author for the purpose of pretense and showmanship/computer-ship; making the point, in a commanding and dramatic manner. To stun the stupid humans to silence! 

Finally, the super-brain machine had been created, with all of our wisdom, information and knowledge, downloaded into it. Gathered around this mechanical behemoth were the scientists and World leaders of the day, in order to put it through its paces. The camera's were rolling, and the World was watching with eager anticipation....

The first feat they asked it to perform, to test its ‘originality and creativity’, was to create a unique and simple poem.

No sooner had they asked....

The computer immediately displayed the following rhetorical reply....


Now, I again challenge any person or spinner out there to create the same effect, and within the same, or similar context, and achieve the same creative impact, while using any spinner out there!

You can’t! It’s impossible! It won’t make sense!

To capture and maintain interest, human interest, takes personality, persuasion, and prose; and, did I fail to mention...passion!

Without any of these four within any piece of communication, the message just doesn’t communicate with the same creative impact! 

Words have specific meanings, connotations, nuances, flavours and tastes, if you will. They can be used in a recipe for success or failure; depending on how you position the words, and what words you choose to work with each other in your sentence and paragraph.

                Shuffling words around, replacing them with other words, and other phrases, just doesn’t deliver on the Understanding and Communication we expect from others, including ourselves.

                Do a survey, a real one. I don’t know about you, but I am personally tired of reading boring words strung together for the purpose of technology and automation!

I for one, look forward to reading words that come alive; that jump out at me from the page or screen. I love when a good and clever writer can totally make my reading experience unique and pleasurable. Giving me both the information and understanding, with no misunderstandings!

They take me to a different place. They make we want to enjoy and relish each and every tasty word. This is the only way to create true and everlasting valuable content. The higher the communication aesthetic, the higher will be the Understandings.

After all, isn’t this the purpose of Communication in the first place, to achieve Understanding, mutual Understandings?

So, if you want your readers/subscribers to value more than the mere content of your message, communicate the message in such a way, that you will create a reader for life. Keep them coming back for more!

Give them fresh original and creative content, by a writer that cares for every reader. And shows how they care, by the way they lovingly, sometimes even painstakingly, and cleverly, craft each and every sacred word of your message.

Perform any traffic test on any website you want?  Test for conversions, using spun vs. creative and original content; including, measuring for repeat visitors. The results, will show  conclusively the proof anyone would need, that ‘real’ original and creative content, produces amazing everlasting results!

You’ll be floored by the difference! 

The stats blow through the roof, when you include ‘original and creative’ content written by a real writer, on either the website or blog; as opposed to written content, that is spun, creating possibly, as some spinners claim, up to 1000 ‘original’ copies!

Come on...who are they kidding?

Sure, anyone can easily play the numbers game and drive traffic by volume content.

But, are you merely delivering a message, broadcasting it to as many people as possible, so that you can make a quick buck on as many as possible? Of course you are; that’s the nature of Capitalism!

In another World, we would want more than what the “God Almighty Dollar” can bring. In another World, people would truly value the quality of communications, and treasure the meaning of each and every word. They would keep coming back, and not just to be informed, but also to be inspired!

Can’t you see by now....

Don’t you know by now....

That the truth is....

Words, words, words, make our World go round! 

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