Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why Pay For Marketing and Advertising When You Can Promote Your Business Website for Free

I must ask, why are you paying for marketing and advertising when you can promote your business website for free? Totally FREE!

Honestly speaking, from nearly forty years of marketing...

Free Classified Ads, Free Business Directories, and Free Review Sites are the only true and guaranteed way any local small business can compete in today’s fierce and highly competitive online World! If you are short on money, or you want to stretch the power of your bucks, then look no further than free classifieds, free business directories, and free local review listing sites. They can help your business/website get found and get noticed; while your competition continues to pay for leads, pay for traffic, and pay expensive review sites to host their business name.

Why have these three FREE sources of visitors and buyers become so popular and powerful over these past few years? See for yourself, the astonishing stats/results from a recent and local review survey performed by

1.       The Search Engines love them (Google, Yahoo, and Bing), and rank them accordingly; and in most cases, with Google First Page Results!

2.       71% of consumers read online reviews. (Don’t you?)
3.       55% of consumers trust a local business more after reading positive online reviews.
4.       50% of consumers are more likely to use a local business having read positive reviews.
5.       67% 0f consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

The main point you should get from all of this, according to Mike Ramsey of Nifty Marketing is this:

“A business that has solid reviews and ratings, and that are legitimate reviews, will generally have a better click-through rate...Generally speaking, people are going to trust reviews more”.

In most major cities, there are dozens of classified places to post your free ads, tons of free business directories, and, a never ending stream of free review sites just waiting for your business/website to be listed and reviewed.

Be sure to include in your marketing and advertising campaigns for 2013, 'free classifieds', 'free business directories', and 'free review sites'. They only take a few minutes each to fill out. Your business, website, and financial future may well have to depend on these ‘no-cost’ miracles of marketing, as prices on everything from gas to butter, continue to soar!

Marketing is an essential ingredient for your business. Please don’t neglect this one thing that can keep your business alive and thriving for decades more to come. Think Free Classifieds, Free Business Directories, and Free Review Sites!

Some people in the know, have seen through the corporate hype of online paid-for-marketing, many years ago; even as an example, one popular software internet maestro named Neil Patel. Already in 2009, he was touting the amazing benefits to FREE MARKETING. Here is a link to that's a real eye-opener!

Neil Patel should know, he is the co-founder of 2 internet companies:
Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. Since then, he has gone onto bigger and better things...thanks to what he was able to get for FREE!

Please allow this, FREE, to become a part of your new mindset...Nothing, absolutely nothing, beats something valuable that’s given away for FREE!

Do your business a favor...Get Google First Page Results.

Here is a recent video I created about the sheer value Free Classifieds can have; and how they can be a real game changer for your online business: Free Advertising Solutions for Small Business.


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