Saturday, March 9, 2013

Control the Entire First Page of Google Results for Your Name or Website: First Page Domination

What if you could really and truly control the entire first page of Google search results for your name or business website; would that be a personal and business game changer for you? I hope your response was as immediate, as it was certain! Yes, we're talking First Page Domination!

Currently, these are the Google first page results for the title of this posting:

The second spot on this first page goes to Sarah Kessler and her talk about the value of is a new social branding platform designed to improve and enhance your Google first page presence and domination. It scores your ‘positive’ first page results, and how many of those 10 spots your name shows up on; again with good, favorable and positive search results. Here is a sample with my name and score:

Your score changes day to day depending what you have out there; or specifically, what is online that can make it to those first page results. And don’t fret, without a doubt, you can totally control every spot on those first page results with content and links of your own creation and choice.  No matter what’s there now, good or bad. Remember, first page domination is your goal.

I have also accomplished this feat with a ‘name’ or specially titled videos, blog postings, web 2.0 properties, you name it! I dominated the entire first two pages in one instance.
You just have to be selective of what you post or upload and to where; you must know what has the greatest Google juice or Google ranking power. Keyword research may be in order. You must control the content by creating the message and the medium. You can choose both! Here is an example of an entire page of my content and syndicated content of the same title: Talk about first page domination!

I hope you see by these few examples that it is possible and easy enough to do, especially if you plan it out before hand, and you know what each connection or social site will do for your web presence and rankings; including and especially, what you want or need to say; keeping in mind the permanence of the Internet; what you say will be around...forever!

Now as a business or website owner, you want your message, your products and services, to dominate the first page of the online Google search results; especially, ahead of your competition! What do you do?

My first suggestion would be to develop a strategically targeted, keyword researched, LinkedIn profile of yourself and your business. Completely filling out the whole profile, and using your existing or past network of friends, business associates, schools, and organizations.

You can then add a Facebook profile of your person and business; a carefully crafted and fully optimized YouTube channel, or YouTube video about your business/website. Then, you can join Google Plus, Manta, Twitter, and even a few micro-blogging websites like; or any other free Web 2.0 property, like or

By properly planning out your social media strategy you can control what your readers, viewers, customers, or potential prospects, read and see about you or your business. Know this, less than 5% of the people searching for anything or anyone, ever go to the second page search results.

If you could only give yourself 20 minutes each day, over 10 days, to fill out a complete and full profile; including a selected and keyword researched content strategy for your name and site, by using these 10 examples from this piece; you would be just a few weeks away from first page Google domination.

Many businesses out there are promising your first page domination; one in particular will get it for you for $1500.00.

Not a bad price in my opinion. Although, I am  a PRO at first page domination; and could probably do it for about $500.00 less. Here is their ad:

And, surprisingly enough, not even a website to link to! Who are these guys? Maybe, I should consider working for them, share in the profits, why not?

Obviously people and businesses are more than willing to pay BIG BUCKS to control their 'Brand'; 'Image'; 'Content'; etc.

Here is an updated first page screen shot one month into the future...April 10th 2013. I am in the first two spots on the first page...

Because of the internet, ‘reputation management’ has become a BIG concern for most socially conscious business persons. I hope you can start to see that it is totally possible and plausible for you to get your name and business website to dominate the entire first page of the Google search results.

Good Luck, and know one thing, Get Google First Page Results!


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