Friday, April 26, 2013

Social Media is for Social Idiots

Social media is for social idiots: How many connections, friends, likes, views, or followers does one person or even one business really need? With YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the hundreds of other popular social media websites out there; all are crying for us to subscribe to them. We now have countless social media platforms and software programs that we can also use and connect to.

Can ‘they or we’, really keep track of all of them; including, the endless and unrelenting deluge of daily emails we will also be receiving from any changes and updates to ALL our social statuses and personal or business social media connections?

Aren’t our email in-boxes already filled with so much junk and useless stuff?

Will we have the time and desire to keep updating our profiles, links, and connections ad infinitum?

We have become overwhelmed with data and connections, more than we can reasonably and comfortably handle. I receive hundreds of emails every day from my limited set of social connections. Honestly, how can we really keep up? Or, have we become social idiots and social morons, following the pack like social sheep being led to the slaughter?

Shouldn’t we be re-thinking our social media connections, and where all these social links will lead us, confuse us, and over tax us?

Before you go all social evangelist on me; I know, I know, these days, both as a business and as a person, we cannot live without some of these social media connections and our Smartphone’s tethered to our bodies like glue, wherever we go and whenever we communicate.

But surely, there must be an alternative to this spiraling out-of-control social media madness?
In fact there is; but, that’s for another blog. In this blog, I just wanted to set up the social media landscape for my follow-up conclusions on this highly sensitive social media topic. Does the title of this article ring true for you...Social Media is for Social Idiots?


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    1. Very informative with great potential. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree, there is so much social media to be a part of, to take part in. Facebook, Twitter, and G+, Reddit. There isn't enough time in the day to try and engage an audience on every platform, it seems. I've managed to engage some people on Facebook and Twitter. G+ is a ghost town. I can only put so much effort into it. You get with you put into it, I guess.

    1. Google+ will never succeed. Remember, you heard it from me first!