Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Brand Yourself to Get Google First Page Results

Brand yourself in order to get Google first page results; this is the only true, organic, and natural way to achieving these first page results. And, if you play your Brand cards right, one can even control and dominate the entire first page of Google, because of your planned and strategic social media branding actions!

Wow, quite the statement. But, is it true?

Google and YouTube search results don’t lie. They could be rigged to a certain degree; but, the results in general tell the truth as to what’s going on for those first page results. To take over the entire page or even subsequent pages is definitely a feat; especially, when so many are struggling just to make it onto the first page, anywhere on that first page; yet, many people and businesses are doing it by the tens of thousands for their business name or website domain name. 

Why aren’t you?

Mainly because of your poor branding notions; that is, if you are committed to any branding campaigns at all for you business or website. Most businesses and websites think that “branding” is too complicated, too expensive, or, just left to the big Ad and Marketing Agencies that specialize in these things!

Well guess what? Your BRAND is you; and who knows you better than you know yourself; or, your business; or, your websites? In fact, it is anything about you that you want everyone to know about, and make it stick! You may even want to associate your BRAND, again whatever that may be, with an image, a slogan, an emotion, a statement of fact; something special that identifies you and your wares, offerings, and ideas, to the people that you would like to influence, persuade, or, to have a desired effect upon!

This ‘branding notion’ must be distinct, original, and easy to communicate. The BRAND, your BRAND messages must be uniform, descriptive, and strategically targeting certain pre-selected ‘keywords’ in your online mix; with regards to your social profiles; URL domain names; Web 2.0 properties; business directories; online blogs, articles, and other video content; they must all be the same, using the same words, tags, descriptions, and keywords. Did you know that you can get first page results just by filling out a FULL profile of yourself or business with the following: Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn,,, YouTube, Tumblr, and a few dozen more high profile sites! I can provide a long list for you to visit and subscribe.

If you don’t BRAND yourself; your competition will do it first, and they might even BRAND you out of business; especially, if their BRAND takes off! Time to wake-up and smell the ‘branding’ coffee; ‘cause this ain’t Kansas anymore’.

Knowing who you are as a person; as a business entity; and, as a website; is the first step in creating a BRAND! You see, these three need to be looked upon as being as sacred as the Holy Trinity! They must all be in sync, in tune, in common, in communication, and totally and unconditionally supporting each other. You must have a uniform message ready to deliver your BRAND, your image, your special and unique personalized proposition!

Stand out and Brand yourself in order to Get Google First Page Results....

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