Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why Believing in “Product Creation: Zero to Done in 2 Hours” is a Bad Idea

Let’s get straight to the ‘meat and potatoes’ of this totally fluff-less review. Myself, like most of the population are not trained typist’s; and the usual 10 page written product takes about an hour for the average person just to type up! Never mind the time it takes to re-read, re-edit, and re-write what you need to correct and to change, in order to make it more readable and totally understandable! Some writing can be very confusingly written. Eschew Obfuscation!

Well, there’s the first hour gone! 

Now, let’s take a look at how the next hour will disappear like a drop of water on the hot desert sand. To be able to produce this written report involves doing research; checking for and hopefully finding some interesting, unusual, informative knowledge, and other data. Where does this info lie? All over the place is the simplest answer. But, exactly where?

Before one can write a report, it makes total sense that one must know where to find the data for this report. Here are a few places to briefly mention as a likely first step in any research: Google search tools, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, other social networking and bookmarking sites; through the hundreds of other online search engines; online and offline newspapers and magazines; by connecting to one of over thousands of Web 2.0 properties; the Library of Congress, The Smithsonian infinitum! 

To most of us, this can be confusing as well as a bit overwhelming. 

Additionally, we must also be able to EVALUATE the importance of this data, in relation to our intended reader’s interests, values, hopes, dreams, and especially desires. Don’t you think this research ‘learning curve’ alone takes up more than the hour we have left to create this, ‘Zero to Done in 2 Hours’ product?

Most important of all, the data must make sense, be real, be cool, be captivating, engaging, and compelling enough to keep the reader interested right till the end; feeling totally satisfied and complete, just like after a great tasty and filling meal! The writing, can’t afford to be dull, boring, repetitive, ambiguous, or without some pep and punch; in other words, your words must have a sense of style and structure to them! You must know what you want to say, and how to precisely say it; so that your audience, your readers, will totally get what you mean; as like, hang-on-to-your-every-word!

Well, there goes the second hour, at least! 

Honestly, most of us couldn’t even write an interesting and informative report about ourselves, who we know so intimately. Yet, we would probably not be as objective with ourselves as we would evaluate knowledge and other data from other sources than ourselves. So I need to ask, how can we actually determine the truth, the validity of, and factualness of the information we come across during our research?

Easily enough, by comparing it to other credible sources of this same info. Multiple sources though, don’t make it necessarily so! False facts and fake quotes, get quoted wrong and picked up by the newswires all the time; and then, next thing you know, everyone’s publishing the same phony info. It’s a sure-fire way of losing any credibility as a developing product creator. What matters, is that one must know how to verify anything, before one can confidently and with total certainty write about it! Don’t you think?

So, if you are a person of many words and can speak and write simply and pleasantly; and, are of an open mind, while being eager to learn and to share new things with others; including, possessing a decisive way about you, a positive determination without any hesitation; then, and only then, do I honestly believe that “Product Creation: Zero To Done in 2 Hours”, is a real possibility for you; but, not before you know that you are completely and competently able to perform everything that I have covered in this review!

Is it just me, or have I become too sensitive and literal, when it comes to this kind of mindless and impractical hype?

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