Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quality Content Begins With Your Reader

I insist, quality content begins with your reader. To communicate your message or content effectively requires more than the mere technical selection of the 'right' words; it also involves, creatively and sometimes even painstakingly, putting them together in the 'right' combination; so as to create a unique sense of rhythm, flow, voice, and style; while successfully engaging your reader to read on, and on, and on. It all begins with the reader.
But, not all written material or writers focus on the reader, their needs and wants, hopes and desires, or their thoughts and feelings towards the words used to describe and communicate the subject matter they are reading about. 

Most readers are looking for one thing, quality content that means something to them, and provides an answer to a problem or a concern they may have, easily and comfortably, using a language they can understand and relate to. They want to be educated and entertained, motivated and inspired, while being transported and elevated to another state of mind or heightened emotion. Isn’t that what we all experience when we do read something of quality or greatness? Similarly, when we find the ultimate solution to a personal problem or condition expressed in a clear, purposeful, and engaging manner, we also experience a sense of euphoria and conclusion.

First off, let’s define what I mean, we mean, and Google means by quality content. Because as we all know- not all content can be measured to be equal! As content creators, producers, distributors and publishers of written material, we should all be aiming a lot higher. I dare any internet marketer to say that spun content equals quality content. Because, I know that it isn’t true!

Quality content is readable, understandable, practical, and personally useful to the reader; it is also well written, grammatically correct, and contains proper punctuation and spelling. It engages the reader, compels the reader to read on, while keeping them interested and wanting more. But, that’s not all; quality content must also be truthful, factual, verifiable, unbiased, as well as being realistic and relevant to the reader; it must personally communicate to them, on their level, and using their language.

My four step formula for writing quality content is simple.

1. Find a niche, subject, or topic to write about.
2. Find out as much as you can about the people, the readers, which are interested in that niche, subject or topic.
3. Find out the 'language' they use, in their communications, to describe their feelings and thoughts about that particular niche, subject or topic. Use these same researched words in your content, so the reader will be able to identify with them, and increase their natural affinity for your content!
4. Communicate what the reader wants to read and is truly interested in; because, you took the time and due diligence to do your research to find out; and not, just to write what you 'want' to say to the reader; or, what you 'think' the reader would like to hear!

In this way, you can write about anything while relating to the reader on their level and interest. This is the only true way to create impact upon your audience while delivering quality content! Quality content begins with your devoted reader!

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