Friday, October 25, 2013

Achieving First Page Results: How to Get on the First Page of Google

To get consistent and stable Google first page results takes more than following the latest system, technique, or strategy; it also takes ethics and integrity, towards those that you serve, within your community, including, your business industry. There are many, many ways to ‘rig’ Google’s rankings; instead, there are easy, simple, and Google friendly ways to reach the top, to those first page results!

Internet Marketers, Gurus, Experts and the like, will all try and sell you on their latest system, their way to teach you “how to get on the first page of Google”; and to finally, achieve these highly desirable Google first page results every time. 

Sadly, most people are too greedy, too lazy, too impatient, too unethical, to play it fair, and to take it slow and easy, creating quality content, real relevant links, backlinks, and a true following; that was earned and not paid for, through automation, and a countless bevy of rigged SEO systems! Yes, most people follow the fast and painless route to success, through other people’s self-serving creations and automatons! Spun content is no content; at least from an intelligent and informed readers perspective!

The real way, the only true way to consistently and stably achieve and maintain those first page results is through organic and natural means, just like for your health. Google and YouTube know exactly almost everything about your site; its links, shares, likes, views, comments, backlinks, and about a few hundred more stats and analytics. On the internet, Google is God! You cannot hide or fake your way through the Internet, not when Google runs it by Google’s rules and algorithms. Eventually, sooner than later, you will get caught, and penalized, SLAPPED!

So, my best advice to you is to create or have created for you, quality content, and NOT spun content; find a way to get this content out to the people that could benefit from it, or will be able to appreciate it for its own sake; this means, developing ways to contact, communicate with, advertise or promote to real people; without spamming, without forced subscriptions, and without boisterous or hyped claims, or ‘sleight of hand’ offerings, to get them to subscribe or fulfill your desired action!

Be very wary of overnight systems to help your website rank better in the search results. Stay clear of fast, automated, at the push-of-a-button systems; especially, the ones that take YOU out of the human equation. People serve other people. People prefer a more direct and personal approach. Don’t take your subscribers, clients, customers, visitors, etc. for granted. Get to know them, develop them, guide them, and lead them, with honesty, and relevant, timely, and useful to them, information. Winning over, one person at a time!

Are you starting to see a bigger picture here? Yet, not everyone is destined or inclined towards, “Google first page results”. It begs the question...

Do you want, “Google first page results every time’ you post any new content or upload a new video?

Then know this, real results, sustainable results, depend on following Google’s rules and advice. Be real, be natural, offer relevant and practical content, be ethical, and play by the rules of fairness; these will always truly guarantee you first page results over time. Be patient, be persistent, and be willing to persevere for as long as it takes, by learning and applying the simple and sound ways to master Google and YouTube first page results!

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