Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

As the century old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Moving pictures, motion pictures, videos, usually reel out, visually speaking, at a rate of 30 images per second; this is how our eyes and brains perceive motion on the video screen. And, there are 60 seconds in a minute. 

Therefore, 1 minute of video is worth in value, 1.8 million words! Making video, the cheapest, swiftest, most converting, lead generating, and by far, the most retentive form of communication, advertising, promotion, or marketing, on the face of this planet! 

And, if properly optimized, guaranteed to get you both Google and YouTube first page results!
Now, I must ask, why aren’t you using video or more videos in your business? 

Within just a few short years, video will represent 90% of ALL content on the Internet. Text or words will continue to lessen in their effectiveness to wow and amaze! Is your business taking advantage of the amazing benefits and results video can create? Will your business get left behind other businesses that are effectively using video to their betterment? 

It is no longer just a question of getting to that coveted first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo; it has instead become...How can I dominate those first page results? If you are not using video to dominate your niche, market or keywords, you are leaving more than just money on the table, you’re giving your competition an open invitation to rob you blind, and knock you out of the competition!

Did you know that you can have a video created for your business as cheaply as $5.00; or, for over ten thousand dollars, your choice! That’s for just a minute long video; and as stated earlier, the equivalent of 1.8 million written words, in value. 

A photo or an image can convey many things to many different people; relative to their knowledge base, emotional level, attitude, and experience. It can stimulate ideas, emotions, expressions and new meanings; while conveying a sense of timelessness. A picture is definitely worth in value at least a thousand words!

Sound, music, and moving images combined can create a rich multidimensional, multimedia experience that can elevate our senses, and become ingrained and retained within our memories, much, much easier than with words. Video can create a lasting impression through sensual stimulation and sensual immersion, and has no other equal other than of course, personal contact! 

This is the power and dynamics of video. It is not just an exponential form of growth from merely using words; it is a quantum leap towards greater understandings! Therefore, if you would like your business to move to this quantum level, realize and act on this information and strategy; begin by using video today. Know what you know and apply what you know; or don’t, at your peril. If you want to achieve consistent Google first page results, use video in your marketing mix. Please understand; a picture is worth a thousand words!

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