Friday, December 27, 2013

Getting Google First Page Results Does Not Have to Cost You a Cent

Yes, ‘getting Google first page results does not have to cost you a cent’; as unbelievable as that sounds, it’s totally true! Over the past few years I have tested over 100 different and popular niches using only free Web 2.0 properties; and I am here to tell you, they can easily outrank older websites, even .com’s, for their own domain names and respective blog/article titles.

I have dozens of hours of video proof of these accomplishments, and hundreds of screen captures of my ranking prowess and seemingly amazing ability to get these kinds of results. My full name for example, even as recently as a few months ago, took up the full first fourteen pages of Google search results for my first and last name. There were no other names, just mine, within those first fourteen pages! All my original content and social links.

With my original content and instructional videos, I have managed to rank for two full pages at a time. In other words, I was able to control the entire first two pages of Google search results for my respective websites and content. All this was accomplished for free, no money, not even a cent! Getting Google first page results has become both my passion and obsession. I love to spend my time testing, tweaking and tinkering about, trying to get to those first page, and mostly, first place rankings!

Please understand-very clearly, that unless you are ranking for a popular searched term, title or keyword, you may not get the traffic you need to bring a flood of visitors, views to your site or content. That’s why there is free traffic, paid for traffic and SEO traffic. Even free or SEO traffic if done by you, will still cost you time and energy. Plus a steep learning curve; this is a given! Paid traffic can be instantaneous; SEO traffic takes much longer to develop and rank for, especially in a highly competitive niche! 

Yet, according to my seven years of researching this subject, there are countless methods and sources of free traffic; that almost anyone can learn and utilize to bring visitors to their sites and videos. I can help you rank, and help you get traffic; so please understand that Ranking does not always equal traffic; sometimes it takes ACTION and proven methods to get this Google traffic!

I am saying here that you don’t need to buy a domain, hosting, and pay for traffic to get your name, business, websites or content out onto the communication lines of the World; or better still, your area of influence; geographically speaking. 

It is just like using building blocks, one block on top of the other. Or, like counting numbers, one number at a time; each block and each number represents another way to get bigger and better results. Once you learn how to build using these blocks, and also learn how to count to higher numbers, you can master block building and number counting. Honestly, it is just as easy for me to achieve Google first page the numbers!

Consistent, predictable and achievable first page results takes action as well as planning; knowing, and not guessing, about EXACTLY what it will take to get to those first page results, stably and hopefully, as a long  term business solution! During the duration of this two year running blog, I have discussed dozens of different and relevant ways to get Google first page results. 

That’s why I named my blog and videos the way I did; cleverly using the words, and ranking for each part (set) of them, separately. Like, ‘get first page results’; ‘Google first page results’; ‘get Google first page results’; ‘first page results’; ‘fast first page results’; and the list goes on. I currently rank number one for over 20 different and searched for variations of my Blogger domain name,

Over the course of the next few weeks and blogs, I will be giving you many tools to help you to achieve these first page results, naturally and organically. I will help you discover new links, knowledgeable people and some fabulous resources, to help you get the best from your blogs, websites, videos and content. Stay tuned...I assure you, getting Google first page results doesn’t have to cost you a cent!


  1. Awesome
    i found your blog. would you share to me please how to page rank my blog ?

  2. Sorry for the long delay.Keep blogging using popular keywords to your niche. Send all blogs to social media sites; you can outsource this. Get a free press release sent out about your business. Tie it to a famous event or celebrity, that is already getting first page coverage. Thanks for your interest. Best Wishes!