Saturday, February 15, 2014

Get Google First Page Results

It’s time again to get Google first page results. With all the Google changes and updates these past few years, it has really upset the status quo applecart; but at the same time, it has also re-leveled the playing field for most conscientious marketers and ethical bloggers. With the right mix of high quality and relevant content, combined with a splash of social buzz, means you can create some big effects; especially, if you know how to get your content out there and unto the communication lines of the world. Keep in mind, that getting Google first page results doesn’t have to be hard, unattainable, or a slow drawn out process.

First page results don’t just suddenly happen by themselves. It all begins with selecting the right content and the right vehicle for the widest distribution of your content. As you know, these days, content can and does come in many forms; in written form, as an online journal or blog; in the form of an audio product, as in a podcast or internet radio; and, in the form of a video, that can easily be uploaded to various video sharing sites, for immediate hosting and distribution. In other words, you can do more with less, and take any content, even the same content, and re-purpose it, re-engineer it, along multiple content management platforms; to reach out to a wider and more diverse audience.

Now, with this kind of power and distribution influence, any site, any content, can get out there and get heard above the crowd. For example, blogging platforms like Blogger and Wordpress, the free version, can get almost instantly indexed by the search engines; whereas, with lesser known or popular sites this may take weeks to months to achieve. Thus, making it a lot easier and faster for anyone to achieve those coveted first page results!

With mobile stats soaring through the stratosphere, creating mobile friendly sites is an almost a first page guaranteed certainty. Is your website or content mobile friendly? Additionally, social networking statistics are also growing by leaps and bounds. Using the most popular of these social sites will also be your best bet to attain and sustain your Google first page results.

Google +, replacing formerly known Google Places has grown to massive proportions over this past year or so, accumulating hundreds of millions of subscribers, using their Gmail accounts to access and communicate with the world. Google’s latest video based product Google Hangouts, is also recognized by most marketers to rank faster and even outrank YouTube videos in the Google search results.

Personally, as an internet researcher and marketer, I know of hundreds of different ways, using hundreds of different sites to get to those first page results. They all work well, some faster than others, while some produce amazing first page results in seconds, under a minute flat!

Learn what you can from those that can simply show you that those first page results are achievable, attainable and highly affordable; where you don’t have to spend a fortune to tap into free traffic in order to get those Google first page results!

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