Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Anatomy of a Landing Page: The Future of Internet Marketing

Knowing the anatomy of a landing page, inside and out, IS the future of Internet Marketing! A landing page has become every smart marketer’s most invaluable tool. And, if used correctly, it can take ANY existing websites conversions, and increase them by a factor of 2-4-6 times, for ANY specific and desired action! This Call to Action is what generates opt-ins, leads, and sales! Without this Call to Action…There will be NO ACTION! And, you will continue to get visitors to your site, idly passing you by, as they stay for a few seconds and then, just as easily, move on; the stats, the measurements, and the facts don’t lie!

There are many sound and valid reasons why someone would suddenly depart a website just as fast as they came to it! The ‘experts’ opinions on this subject differ only by degree, as their article titles clamor for meaning and understandings. “What Makes Someone Leave A Website?”-“5 Reasons Why Visitors Leave YourWebsite?”-“Why Do Visitors Leave Your Site So Quickly?”-“16 Reasons Why PeopleLeave Your Website!”-“What Would Make 46% of Your Visitors Leave Your WebsiteBefore…”-“25 Reasons Why I will Leave Your Website in 10 Seconds”. Just to name a few. J

The above facts and reasons, make knowing ‘landing pages’ a vital necessity to your future as an Internet marketer; without a doubt, landing pages are and will continue to be the future of internet marketing, and MAKING BIGGER BUCKS! ALL with less work and with less money spent. Check the stats for yourself, they don’t lie. Indisputably, landing pages create bigger and better conversions; both in terms of quality leads and quality sales!

So then, why aren’t more marketers, webmasters, and business people using them?

Exactly my point!

They are NOT!

For one, the main one, the actual skill set that is required in order to create an engaging and highly converting landing page is NOT an easy task; and, is mostly poorly done by people that think they know what they are doing, when in fact , they don’t know anything, and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a landing page!

Here is my take on this subject, illustrated with my own words….

 A landing page, and more specifically, a well-crafted and highly-optimized landing page-unlike a website that has many functions and purposes-has only one prime directive, and that is to turn any visitor into a qualified lead, a subscriber, a client, or a buyer! It gets them to take a desired action, through psychologically ‘written and visual’ persuasion! Unlike a website that can easily distract, confuse, or even overwhelm a visitor upon first glance and arrival, causing them to wander here and there within the site, or to bounce (leave) from the site, depending on their personal reactions to the site and its written/visual contents!

The stats are simply startling, and far too important to your bottom line to neglect any longer; especially, when it could be costing your bottom line hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every single day!

Truthfully speaking, it’s NOT just enough to know the anatomy of a landing page and its key structural elements; like the headline, sub-headline, form field, hero shot, and other CTA’s. Or, even landing page best practices. This is simply no longer enough, not these days, 2015-2016. These days, smart marketers need certainty, reliable and current facts/stats, and workable systems in-place, to generate quality leads, subscribers, and sales; just like turning a faucet on, they need to produce a steady flow of leads at will!

Creating converting and highly relevant landing pages is as much a process as it is an art. Tips, techniques, and other guru instructed strategies will not guarantee landing page success, by any means! Each website is different or should be perceived as being different, and all clients are NOT all the same! They shouldn’t be targeted as such; landing pages allow for targeted differentiation, categorization, and marketing research/analysis! Raw data, that needs to be constantly monitored, tested, tweaked and twerked to perfection. J

Landing page creation, that is, the creation of a highly converting landing page takes the following important elements into consideration; again, it is NOT a technique as it is a process.

1. Who is this landing page directed towards; who will be reading it. Create a detailed profile. You need to know. Optimally, every landing page should be directed to a different client or subscriber profile. Who they are, what they like, want, desire, need to resolve, need to know, overcome, gain, etc.

2. What will it take to get any visitor, within your profile to take an action; make a move to know more about you or your offering(s)? Specifically, you need to know, what will actually work in order to engage your visitor to know more, get closer to your product or service.
3. What separates you from the rest of your kind, your business, product, services, etc? What makes you different, your product or services better, longer-lasting, more affordable, easier to use, etc? You need to promote something that makes you stand out as being different than your competition. This should be a crucial element within most effective landing pages.

4. Simple design, simple modest colors, and simply presented benefits, all add to clarity and function, for easy converting CTA’s. Your landing page must communicate what the prospect, the customer will receive, gain, and benefit from; this should be clearly and simply stated. CTA’s should be natural and DIFFERENT from the rest of the CTA’s everywhere else on the internet!

5. Keep the customer or prospect on the landing page and get them to perform an action, a specified action. They should NOT be distracted by being able to go elsewhere on this page, navigation wise. Or, focused on ANY other action, then for the purpose the landing page was created to produce!

6. The landing page should be easy to read, and most importantly, the landing page headline, must communicate, engage, interest, and emotionally capture your specific customer profile. It must personally and intimately communicate to them, directly, without confusion or ambiguity!

This is why I know with complete 100% certainty, that the anatomy of a landing page is the future of Internet Marketing!


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