Saturday, October 10, 2015

How to Get Your Website Making More Money

If you knew exactly how to get your website making more money wouldn't you take action! Getting Google first page results isn't enough. Your next important step is to get your visitors to take some action!

Here is a FACT: Any sufficiently skilled and experienced website developer knows how to effectively program and code your website; in order to give you ALL the audio/visual, ‘Bells and Whistles’ that your website could ever need.

But, I on the other hand, know how to make your website CONVERT, giving you ALL the LEADS and SALES that you could ever want. Now, which kind of website would you prefer? A pretty one or a converting one?

Allow me to introduce myself:

My skill set is as unique as it is results-oriented and performance-based. I ALWAYS produce CONVERTING results…measurable, sustainable and recurring, month after month, BOTTOM- LINE results for your business!

I am currently seeking motivated smart business owners like yourself, that want to see some dramatic results to their existing flow of leads and sales, coming through their websites or landing pages.

Here is a Web Industry FACT: That you may NOT be aware of…

40-80% of ALL visitors coming to ANY website will leave that website in a matter of seconds upon arrival!

It’s called the BOUNCE RATE!

And, this is without them doing ANYTHING or going ANYWHERE else on your website; and then, never to be seen or heard from ever again! How many visitors come and go to your site daily? Do you even know?

Well, I know how to stop them from LEAVINGdead in their tracks!

Businesses consider me to be a website/landing page conversion specialist and strategist, knowing precisely how to take any existing websites’ leaving visitors, and re-capture them before they leave, while converting them into active leads and sales in the process!

And, this is totally without changing a word on their existing websites; or, them spending another cent on any new advertising, marketing or promotional campaigns, going after new business!

I hope I have your attention; and that you can clearly see the value of this strategy. It works; allow me just 3 minutes of your time, to show you first hand, how it works, why it works, and what it can do for your bottom line!

Have you got 3 minutes to invest in your business?

Then please watch my short and highly informative 3 minute video; I promise you will never look at your business the same ever again! This video presentation will be narrated by myself and is totally customized to your specific business and website; it will dramatically show you through screen captures what all the excitement is about! More importantly, how you can make more money, by working less and spending less. You gotta love that! :)

Just send me your particulars, and my personalized video will be rushed to you them to

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