Friday, January 15, 2016

First Page Results Does Not Equal Traffic

Why achieving ‘first page results’ does not equal traffic? Why is it that most business people starting out with a website or an online presence always believe that first page results equals a flood of visitors; when in actuality, based on a ton of past proof, it does not in fact equal any traffic at all? Yet too many people believe this fallacy and create their businesses and websites around it!

Depending on your domain name, the search volume of your domain name/title; and, if it is an exact match for any searched for popular keywords and phrases within the Google search bar. Having a non popular or unknown domain name will not drive traffic to your website, without someone actively driving that traffic through organic SEO, or through paid means. Traffic does not drive itself to any site, without there being a source or a cause for those visitors to arrive.

Your domain name, title of your blogs, videos, and photos, of your content and such, all need to be of searchable terms that people are actually searching for in their browsers; for your site, or content, to show up on the first page for a particular set of words or a specific domain name. Now, if there is no competition of other websites, titles and content, for those phrases or keywords, no competition equals no traffic!

Competition for a set of names, titles or keywords, means there will be people searching for them; people with interest, people searching for solutions, answers, and whatever they need and want from their online searches. They have desires that need fulfilling. The higher the competition, the harder it will be to achieve and maintain a first page position and dominance!

People, traffic, potential visitors, must be actively and currently searching for specific keywords and titles, in order to be considered as a potential source for subscribers, members, leads or sales. A non searched for keyword or domain name will be just that, unknown. No one will know about it and no one will come; at least not until you invite them to come; by whatever means.

So, it is very easy to achieve first page results by various means; but, to stand out amid the competition and bring a flood of traffic to your website takes more than just first page results; it takes knowing your searched for keywords, as well as your competition. Knowing your existing and potential customers better, their exact needs and wants, and what they are precisely looking for, will help you achieve those first page results; in this way, they will always find you; and not your competition.

Take a hint from a Pro, ‘first page results’ does not always equal traffic!

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