Saturday, January 16, 2016

How To Get Any Content Back to The First Page Results

Ranking any dead content, even many pages deep-like an old or unwatched video, an archived article or an ancient blog posting-back to the first page results, may take a bit of ingenuity and ranking know-how; but yes, it can be done! Let’s see if I can help you become a master at it by the end of this blog.

To appear on the first page of Google/YouTube again, your content needs a bit of a make-over; it needs further enhancement or optimization; modification or update; including perhaps, some link juice (energy), to boost it up the rankings. I’ll explain as I go along.

Let’s take on an old video for starters that is no longer getting as many views. They may be a few years old. Consider creating a new title and description for it. Find a suitable title that is current and contemporary; use words or phrases, keywords that are being actively searched for today. To find these, use any kind of keyword finder, or use the Google Adwords Planner Tool. Once you have a half a dozen or so popular ones located, use these keywords for your tags and within the description of your video.

You can touch up an old video through YouTube’s simple editor feature. You can also if you like, incorporate annotations, as well as embed this make-over video with whatever calls to action or links you wish. Including, adding any special-effects, a new intro, outro, new images, photos video snips, whatever you want; to make it fresh and timely, maybe even newsworthy; if you can relate to a current popular event or a talked about celebrity.

You can also use the same title, and description, if it still is relevant; and then, add to it as described. If not, just do what I suggested, creating a new look, with a more keyword rich and relevant description, with the appropriate new tags; based on your keyword research findings.

The mechanics for an old article or blog are basically the same as with a video. You may have to re-work the title, or add some more content, i.e., photo’s images, that has been titled and Geo-tagged for your keywords; and then, posting these to your blog or article, as an update. The idea is to make it current and relevant. Using current and relevant content, added as needed. You can rework written content in many ways, new intro, new conclusion, new references and links, quotes, etc. 

You can even find some current and popular content elsewhere and curate it on your site; while giving it your own unique spin, within your updated article or blog posting. Be creative. Be original. Be productive!

Now, once you’ve created your new transformed masterpiece, in whatever form, you will now give it the boost it needs to soar up the search results, to that coveted first page ranking. You can do this in a number of ways, free or paid. Free, may take joining a number of bookmarking sites and manually submitting the links or content to these sites, over a few days or with a free to join automated bookmarking service; so that they can distribute them for you automatically. 

Or, you can get someone on, to send them out, along 500 social bookmarking sites for $5.00, for example. I would do this with 2-3 different vendors. Be willing to spend $10-15.00 if you have to. This is the link and ranking juice it needs to become revitalized and shared, viewed, engaged, anew!

This is the only true and guaranteed way to get any content back to the first page results!

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