Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Marketing Hype is Alive and Well

Yes indeed, ‘marketing hype’ is still alive and actually doing better than merely just well! In fact, it is fabulously flourishing and prospering, even today, 2016! Our news headlines, sound or data bytes, are all designed for a dramatic effect! They are emotionally charged packets of info/news that continuously demand and  capture our attention and interest, specifically, by the commanding words used within the headlines and titles of things we read or view on a daily, even hourly basis. Titles sell, titles engage, and powerful headlines can communicate an effective message at the speed of light, or at least, as fast as we can read and be aware of these messages.

Every day, we are exposed, bombarded by, and inundated with, thousands of ads that are constantly being directed at us, from thousands of individual and separate advertising sources. The figures range for 1,000-5,000 ad messages per day. Obviously, we are not equipped to break through all of this random and multi-sourced ad clutter. No one is truly capable of being able to process that many visual/audio exposures per day. By this I mean, we can’t notice, absorb, or even judge the ‘personal meaning’ or significance behind these consumer messages that we receive. 

Additionally, most of these ad messages are not received by us consciously, while, they also come at us from everywhere! These ads are designed to capture our attention and interest as best they can; demanding and commanding our immediate attention, away from our other less demanding ‘life’ activities. They are crafted to interrupt our awareness and to get us to pay attention to their massage, whatever that may be, and in whatever form that may take. Video is fast becoming the main and most powerful medium to deliver ad messages to the masses. Video works. Video sells. And, video is very personalized, so as to engage and convert better than any other form of advertising…EVER!

Not surprisingly, our marketing hype has been transferred to this medium as well; with their commanding and emotionally charged titles that are clearly designed to get you involved on a personal level; while making absurd and generalized promises, disguised, as matter-of-fact statements of ‘expectation’. Here is one example of an online headline and title, “How to Publish a Book and Sell a Million Copies”. This other one, is certainly more blatant and even further hyped, “World renowned doctor says…You can Prevent and Cure Cancer Simply by Eating Two Natural Foods”! 

People, albeit desperate and unaware people, fall prey to this type of ‘wordy’ persuasion. They believe it and react to it; despite their reasoning ability to tell them otherwise, and to be able to discernibly read between-the -lines of this kind of hype!

This marketing hype trend will continue into the future, as more ads means more clutter, and the individual ad message, the one to be heard, viewed, read and acted upon, needs to be constantly used and re-used  in order to continuously rise above the cacophony chaos of our daily lives. Needless to say, “marketing hype is still alive and well”!

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