Friday, January 1, 2016

The Future of Internet Marketing: The Landing Page

The landing page is the future of Internet Marketing! Is that all? If you don’t know what one is, how they work, and how to use them in your marketing campaigns, then, you are NOT the savvy business person you may think you are. Plain and simple, without effectively using landing pages in your marketing and advertising arsenal, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table; more money than you would ever think!

Landing pages are nothing new, and they’ve been around since the Internet exploded on the scene. They were at one time better known as an opt-in page, or a squeeze page; they’ve recently gained an air of sophistication and importance for website/landing page conversions. Producing greater numbers of opt-ins, leads, and sales to any site, with no additional traffic; just by using the existing visitors, and converting them.

Landing pages have one specific purpose, conversions! To produce opt-ins, subscribers, memberships, inquiries, leads, sales, estimates, quotes, and any other specific or targeted action you would like your visitor to take while they are on your landing page! They are NOT to be used as a website Home page; as you should already know that a Home page has many other functions; whereas a landing page has only one, CONVERSION!

Sorry to flog this poor horse to death; but, even today, 2016, nearly half of all Adwords ads are still sending traffic to their websites’ Home page, rather than an ad match-specific, converting landing page! Now why is that, why are they throwing away all that money? I wish someone could answer me this one question…why all the waste?

Landing pages help a business do more with less; convert more leads and sales without spending more money on more traffic. They help save time and money, as they are more efficient in creating a bigger ROI on your investment on your weekly/monthly advertising costs; regardless of the ad source. Landing pages make you money, by hitting the right person on the right level at the right time. That’s why they are so powerful! They can be designed to be customer or customer ‘need’ specific.

Now, why are landing pages the future of the Internet Marketing? Because they will continue to do what most websites don’t do…create more business than any other action anyone else can take. They can bring you a 100 to 1 return on your advertising dollar. Is that all? And as such, they will continue to be used and valued for many years to come. At present, video landing pages and landing pages with background video-motion or animation are becoming ever so popular! Because they work; video is great for conversions, and every business person everywhere, should be using video in their business as well.

Therefore, in 2016, if you are NOT using landing pages to make more money, your future as an Internet marketer or business will be limited; and you’ll wonder why your competition has left you eating their dust! 


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