Friday, March 11, 2016

If You're Not Building An Email List You're Not Building Your Business

My headline begs repeating, if you’re not building an email list you are not building your business; regardless of your market or niche. Another equally important fact that deserves mentioning here as well, is that your customer matters to your future as much as you matter to theirs; that is, if you expect to continue to service them, and keep them, as a customer for life!

Not all visitors, viewers or readers of any site will be able or willing to instantly take an action, or to do what you would like them to do at the exact moment they land on your website or landing page. You know, to call you; request more info; join your email list; become a subscriber or member; request a free quote, a free estimate or evaluation; get something of value,  in exchange for their name and email address-like a free eBook, free report, free intro chapter, free video, etc.

So, why let them leave, like everyone else in the business does; by that I mean, lose them for life; when, if you care enough, to get their names and emails, you may instead, capture them as a potential customer for life? Did you know that you can convert your leaving visitors from your website to your email list, and capture their names and emails just before they leave? One can double or even quadruple any websites or landing pages’ conversions, by skillfully and effectively using leaving pop-ups, and further calls to action, or relational offers, before the visitor leaves the site or landing page!

But to do this effectively you must know your audience, your public. What they like, dislike, value, fear, enjoy, etc.; with regard to your particular service, product or industry. This is the key!
Here is an industry fact: 40-80% of ALL website visitors to ANY website will leave that site within the first few seconds of their arrival; and without going anywhere else or doing anything else on that site or landing page!

Any captured list has great prospect value, and can be contacted and strategically developed for future use and to further add great benefit to any business/website owner. Take for example a website within a service niche like plumbing or roofing. Most websites and business within those niches do not capture leads, opt-ins, or email addresses unless they serve an immediate need or roofing problem or plumbing emergency. They all want you to call now, or request a free quote or estimate today!

And once serviced or spent, these leads, prospects and customers, are usually never contacted again. The business has been concluded, and now, other customers are pressing for their service and attention. They then move on….Never to contact them again! This is the biggest mistake any business can make! Not keeping and following up on any name and email that has been left on your site, regardless of whether you serviced them, sold to them, or even failed to sell them! These names and emails are like gold, that is, if you care about a customer, if you think like a customer, and if you are looking for a customer for life.

Following up, keeping in communication, keeping them knowing about your business and service or products, offering them useful and practical knowledge, updates, tips, discounts, etc., on any other future relational services or products, keeps them interested and staying on your list, actively and willingly. They may buy another home, they may have a neighbor or friend that needs a roofer or plumber; and, even if they initially choose another company over you, by you staying in touch, by you sending them follow up relevant emails, and by you caring enough about them, may get them to eventually refer you or use your service themselves; whenever their future need ever arises! 

Only by you staying in touch, and by maintaining friendly relations, could this ever become an actuality. Never underestimate the value of a name and an email; because at the other end, there is a live human being, one that wants to trust and believe in another, before they can do business with them. Your website or landing page has a number one priority, capturing names and emails of any and all visitors to that site or landing page. Help them along, get their names and emails every chance you get. 

Hopefully, you have realized the importance by now, that regardless of your business or niche, if you’re not building an email list, you are not building your business…for LIFE! 


  1. A smallish campaign with a homemade list would not be likely to yield much of a result. To achieve anything worthwhile, a much more aggressive effort is needed. Then, the age-old value analysis applies: projected earnings = margin on total projected sales - cost of campaign.

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    2. My Dear Srinadh, by visiting your website you have just provided me with the info I was looking for. I can't wait to dominate the world; or at least, Houston, Texas. :)